From today, Minecraft 1.14 has been released, the long-awaited version!
This version is called '' Village & Pillage '' or Villages and Looting.
This new update is mainly focused on the villages and towns in Minecraft, but many new blocks have also been released.
This version will be available in the EnderHosting control panel from 23 April 2019!


Village & Pillage

There were many villages in your map, but every village was always and everywhere the same. Whether you were walking in the middle of the desert or in the middle of the oasis, your village was always the same.
From now on, each area / biome has its own kind of village, which fits in much better with the landscapes in your map.
Minecraft has also launched a new way of world generation, so no crazy villages are generated in the craziest places.
I'm not going to betray you too much, play it myself and find out what Minecraft Village & Pillage does not entail!


New applications

Every update, Minecraft launches many new blocks, mobs and new possibilities.
We noticed the following:

- Your text sign / textsign is now available in every possible type of wood! You can also color the text with dye.
- New flowers are included in this update. Minecraft innovates the latest updates in the area, which is why new flowers have been added. Even a poisonous flower!
- With the new barrels you can store your things in a safe way, just like with a box. Fits nicely in your house!
- Scaffolding is the new way of building! These are building blocks that you can easily place on top of each other. With this you can easily build and climb up! Very easy.
- Disenchant is the new repair method. Place two half-broken swords, then this will again become one good sword. The new way to recover!
- Campfires are useful for cooking food. You put your food on the campfire, and your food will automatically bake.
- Do you also love cats? From now on you have special cats, no ocelots!
- Foxes are also new this update! They love chickens and look incredibly cute
- Bamboo is new to the jungle, together with pandas! And the pandas are also very sweet! You have lazy, frightened, playful and many more kinds of            pandas. They eat a lot of bamboo.
- Pillagers are the bad form of villagers. They will steal the villages and kill the villagers whenever possible. They are very strong and carry crossbows.


Major update

This new version is enormously heavy for your Minecraft Server, especially now with the first version that came out!
We recommend that you take a good look at how many gigabytes of ram you take when purchasing your server, especially when you want to play the new version 1.14.
This version uses extra ram!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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